Do You Need Relief from Your Sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful ailment in which discomfort begins at the lower back, hips or buttock and radiates down the leg along the pathway of the sciatic nerve. Often times this pain affects one side of the body. The inflammation, discomfort or even numbness can leave a person feeling utterly debilitated. Also, sciatic pain can vary dramatically from a mild ache following the path of the sciatic nerve to a sharp, burning or even electrical sensation in the affected leg. Risk factors that may bring on such an aliment are: obesity, jobs that require extensive movement of the back such as lifting and twisting, prolonged sitting, Diabetes and even age. The most common treatments for sciatica include medications, physical therapy and even surgery. But one of the best choices in the treatment of this discomfort is Oriental medicine. Acupuncture is an effective choice in relieving pain and increasing mobility of the affected area. Some of the miraculous healing benefits associated with Acupuncture are; it’s ability to release endorphins to change the process of pain in the brain and spinal cord, reduce inflammation, increasing blood circulation to the affected areas causing a reduction in swelling and an increase in mobility, increase serotonin and noradrenaline to help with pain and speed up nerve repair, as well as promote regeneration of the sciatic nerve. It’s these amazing benefits that make this route of treatment a recommendation by the World Health Organization. Dealing with sciatic pain can be quite challenging, but if you are affected with this problem and are interested in a natural way to help you avoid surgery than acupuncture may be the best choice for you!

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